Introduction to QGIS

This one day course gives you an introduction to QGIS, the premier open source GIS desktop software.

This course will guide you in getting started---you’ll learn how to work with data sources, created and edit data, do analysis, and create map compositions.


  • Introduction
  • A Tour of the Interface
  • Working with vector data
    • file-based
    • Spatial databases
    • Web based resources
  • Working with raster data
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Doing Analysis
  • Creating Maps


Here's what you'll need for the course:

  • A laptop or notebook with QGIS 2.0.x installed.[1] You can use Linux, Mac, or Windows.

[1] Installation help will be available one hour before the course starts. You should make every effort to install QGIS prior to coming to class.